Posted by: George E Burney | March 19, 2012

Public Speaking: A Sure-Fire Way To Develop Courage And Confidence

The first step in developing courage and confidence in public speaking is to decide, really decide, that you’re going to learn to speak well, come what may! Think constantly of all the reasons you want to do this, and make up your mind that if others can, you can too!

Many, if not most, who are excellent public speakers struggled at first. If they had not been determined to succeed, they might have given up and never realized the success they went on to achieve. In that regard, is public speaking really different from other endeavors in life? What worthwhile goal can be accomplished without determination and persistence?

So, how did they make progress? By training and practice. In a nutshell, that’s all it takes. You simply need to first find advice which is sound and effective. In other words, you just need to find out what works. Then, you need to speak before audiences as often as you possibly can.

Will you experience nervousness? Yes, it’s a near-certainty that you will. Both before your speeches, and at least for a few moments after you begin a speech. If you are sufficiently prepared, you’ll soon become engrossed in what you’re saying and your nervousness will diminish.

Your willingness to risk being nervous is a part of the price you have to pay. Again, this is like so many other things in life. Haven’t you found it to be true that, one way or another, we have to pay something for everything we acquire? In other words, we never get something for nothing. Beware of anyone who says otherwise.

Accepting that some nervousness is inevitable in public speaking, and speaking to audiences in spite of it, leads to courage and confidence. How? Success breeds confidence. Confidence, in turn, reduces the need for courage. After all, how courageous do we need to be when we are very confident, based on past successes, that we will succeed?

Additionally, success in speaking to one audience helps us to find the courage to speak to another audience, even if it is different in some respects from the first audience. After all, audiences are made up of people who are, by and large, just like us.

So, we develop courage and confidence in our ability to speak publicly… by speaking publicly.

Copyright © 2012 by George Burney and betterpublicspeaking


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