Posted by: George E Burney | March 19, 2012

Public Speaking: Why You Should Develop Your Public Speaking Ability Now

Public speaking allows a speaker to share his ideas with many of his peers at one time. If his ideas are good, the beneficial effects of his efforts are multiplied enormously.

If his ideas are well received, the speaker has the satisfaction of knowing that his hard work in preparing and researching his material was not wasted. His objective of sharing information which is of assistance to others has been achieved. It also boosts his confidence to know that his thoughts “make the grade,” so to speak.

Successful public speaking often helps a person to advance in his field. Since those who speak well give evidence of having the ability to think clearly, they are viewed as having leadership capability as well. As a result, they are often promoted rapidly in the corporate world.

In business, they also enjoy the esteem of their peers and superiors who shy away from speaking publicly. They are regarded as having special ability, even though nearly anyone who is willing to apply his own efforts with persistence can do likewise.

If he makes continuous efforts to improve, a public speaker gets better over time. Throughout this ongoing process, his confidence grows. Because of his success in this endeavor, he feels confident that he can also succeed in other, unrelated fields.

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