Posted by: George E Burney | April 2, 2012

Public Speaking – How To Make Your Meaning As Clear As Crystal

The essence of good communication is clarity. For a message to be convincing, it must first be clear. So, how can you make your presentations crystal-clear?

First, mull over ideas you want to express until they are very clear in your own mind. Perfectly clear. Understand completely the ideas you want to present. Why is this essential?

Any idea that is even slightly unclear, nebulous or hazy in your mind will be even less clear to your audience! There is no magical formula that will allow you to convey clearly to others ideas you don’t quite understand. Even when you understand it, it’s a challenge sometimes to explain it so that others understand it, but at least it can be done.

Once an idea or concept is clear in your mind, work to find the best way to state it so others can grasp it easily. Avoid using jargon or technical terminology which might go over the heads of some in the audience. Instead, use words that anyone can understand. If you find that you cannot state it simply, it may be that more thought or research is needed. Why?

A presentation that is difficult for many in the audience to understand may be the result of the speaker’s insufficient understanding of his subject matter. When a speaker has truly mastered his material, he can usually make it so clear that a child can understand it, and this is true even when the concepts involved are complicated.

Abraham Lincoln, one of the best speakers in U.S. history, is said to have spent hours trying to decide the best way to express a particular thought. True or not, many of the best public speakers today do the same. Their clear presentations are not necessarily an indication of their mental brilliance, but rather an indication of the time and effort they put into making their presentations easy to understand.

Yes, it takes mental effort to make a presentation clear, but giving a clear, understandable presentation that benefits your audience is a reward in itself!

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