Posted by: George E Burney | May 10, 2012

Public Speaking – Variety Is The Spice of Life

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Variety is the spice of life. It also adds spice to an oral presentation. When you speak to an audience, what you say is of prime importance. How you say it is a close second.

Variety can turn a bland presentation of facts into a one-way conversation which is a pleasure to listen to. How do you achieve it?

Vary Your Pace

From time to time, increase and decrease the speed at which you speak. If covering an important point, it’s best to speak at a slower pace, to allow the audience to comprehend it fully. Otherwise, feel free to speak more rapidly at intervals, to avoid monotony.

Pause before or after (or before and after) an important point, to cause it to stand out. Use shorter pauses to separate thoughts, just as you use periods and commas when writing. A longer pause is called for after a rhetorical question, to allow your audience to think about your question.

Increase and Decrease Your Volume

What about volume? Once again, the key is variety. There is a range in which your audience can hear you comfortably, but which also allows you to increase and decrease your volume, just as it suits you. Of course, your material sometimes has a bearing on your volume. The emotional atmosphere you’re seeking to establish may require you to increase or to decrease your volume.

Variety in Pitch

Something similar can be said about your voice tone, or pitch. You may at times want to speak in a somewhat higher tone, and at other times in a deeper voice. You material may at times influence your tone, but at other times, you can change your tone as you see fit.

By skillful use of these methods of varying the way you speak, your presentation will be a delight to listen to.

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