Posted by: George E Burney | May 17, 2012

Public Speaking – To Shatter Your Fears, Just Do It!

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Oh, you could read 10,000 books. You could learn 5,000 inspirational sayings. You could repeat affirmations until the cows come home, but there’s only one sure-fire way of destroying forever your fear of public speaking – just do it. Just give a speech, a short one, to enough people assembled together to trigger your fears.

This Is Not For You

If you just try it, you’ll learn one thing: you can do it. Now, someone may be thinking: “Well, I know that. What I’m worrying about is how poorly I’ll do it.” If so, this post is not for you. It’s for the person who is convinced that he simply cannot get up before an audience and make words come out of his mouth.

All those books, inspirational sayings, and affirmations are great if they help you to try it; otherwise, they’re useless. There is only one thing you can do which will definitely prove whether your words will come out or not, and that is to try it.

Can You Swim On Your Front Lawn?

If a person wants to learn to swim, but is afraid of the water, what will he eventually have to do? Get into the water. He can practice swimming on dry land for years, and he can work on his swimming technique while lying in the grass, but to swim, he’ll have to get into the water. If he never gets into the water, he’ll never swim.

So, you have to start somewhere, somehow, sometime. Once you do, that experience will simply shatter all the illusions you’ve ever had about your ability to speak before others. After that, you won’t need any books, sayings, or affirmations to know, really know, that you can, because you will have experienced it for yourself. Sometimes, experience is the only teacher.

Get A Little Help From Your Friends!

Gather a few of your friends, relatives or workmates together. By “a few,” I mean enough to give you concern, to make you nervous. Tell them what you’re trying to do, and ask them to listen as you give your 2 or 3 minute speech. Your objective is not to give a perfect speech, it’s just to do it!

Before giving it to them, rehearse it often. As you practice, “see” them sitting before you as you speak. “Feel” yourself enjoying it, as your words flow freely. Do this until you get bored to tears with the whole process. Then, practice it a few more times.

After that, there’s only one thing left for you to do – just do it!

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