Posted by: George E Burney | May 21, 2012

Public Speaking – Seize Their Attention!

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You’re standing before an audience. You have excellent information to share with them. The problem: Where do you start? The answer: With your introduction.

First, Get Their Attention!

The purpose of your introduction is to capture the attention of your audience, and to bridge the gap between what your audience is thinking and your first main point. But who knows what they’re thinking? Besides, they’re all thinking different thoughts. True, and that’s why you have to say something so interesting that they’ll drop whatever they’re thinking, and listen to you.

It could be a thought-provoking question you intend to answer, or a startling statement you’ll enlarge on later. The idea is not to say something so controversial that you alienate your audience at the outset, but to say something they never thought of, or they never heard stated just that way.

Where Do You Start?

So you start with a novel thought, but one which the audience will agree with upon just a moment’s reflection. You now have their attention and their agreement. That’s your foundation, your common ground. Now lead directly toward your first main point. How long should your introduction be? Just long enough to lead your audience from where you started to your first main point.

When Should It Be Prepared?

Since it leads into the main portion of your material, you cannot prepare it until the body (consisting of your main points and subpoints) has been prepared. Otherwise, how can you use it to lead into your first main point, if you’ve not yet decided on your first main point? So, logically, it follows the assembling of the main portion of your material.

Once you reach your first main point, the objective of your introduction has been accomplished. You’re now on your way!

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