Posted by: George E Burney | June 14, 2012

Public Speaking – Gesture Naturally!

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Some say that you should practice the gestures you’ll use in a presentation. I disagree. To learn to smile appropriately, did you practice smiling? If not, how did you learn to smile? It came naturally, didn’t it? Using gestures is just like that.

Which Is Better – Natural or Contrived?

Have you ever seen a contrived smile, one which was not convincing to you? However you detected that the smile was false, the effect on you was not good. Now, compare that with the effect a natural, sincere smile has on you. The latter is so much more pleasant, isn’t it?

Observing gestures which are contrived is like watching a movie when the audio and video are slightly out of sync. It may take us a few moments to figure what’s wrong, but we have a feeling from the beginning that something is just not right. Natural gestures avoid that, since they seem right… because they are right. They’re natural.

What Inhibits Gesturing?

Nervousness, a lack of confidence, and being overly concerned with what the audience thinks of us are the culprits here. When you focus on yourself, it will be difficult to gesture naturally. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome all three at the same time, leaving you free to gesture naturally.

Overcoming Nervousness, The Nemesis of Gestures

Some goals are best achieved by an indirect approach. For the time being, forget about gesturing. Instead, when giving your presentation, just focus intently on what you’re saying. Be completely convinced that you have a message worth sharing, and worth listening to.

Prepare very well. Know your material like the back of your hand. Make up your mind to convince your audience, to get them to see matters as you do, and to be as enthusiastic about your subject as you are.

You’ll Gesture Naturally!

The effect? You’ll automatically eliminate all three of the culprits mentioned earlier. You’ll also do what you set out to do, gesture naturally! When you are absorbed in what you’re saying, and in endeavoring to convince others, you forget yourself. As a result, you’ll gesture without even thinking about it. What’s more, they’ll be perfectly suited to your words. They’ll be as natural as swinging your arms when you walk.

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