Posted by: George E Burney | September 14, 2012

Public Speaking – Tailor Your Presentation to Your Audience!

Before preparing material to use in a lecture, you should consider the particular audience you’ll be speaking to. This is not merely important, it’s crucial to the success of your presentation.

Right Speech, Wrong Audience?

To illustrate, suppose you’d researched and developed a phenomenal lecture on “7 Healthy Ways to Quickly Lose Weight,” and when asked to speak on the general subject of good health, jumped at the opportunity.

How would you feel if midway through your speech, it suddenly dawned on you that everyone in the audience was super-thin? What if, after concluding, you learned that the health issue the members of this group faced was an inability to gain weight?

Or, suppose you gave a party and wanted to make sure that your guests all enjoyed themselves. So, you not only provided a variety of alcoholic beverages, but you also hired a bartender to serve those drinks.

How would you feel if, during the party, you learned that nearly everyone you’d invited was a recovering alcoholic?

In both instances, you’d probably feel even worse if you knew you could have ascertained the information you needed by making a few discreet inquiries!

Get the Facts First!

Similarly, when preparing to speak to an audience, it’s imperative to find out what you can about that particular audience. What do they believe about the subject you plan to speak on? Should you select a different topic? If the topic is predetermined and cannot be changed, how should you approach it? What groundwork must be laid before tackling certain issues?

Giving a lecture without first considering the audience is like trying to hit a target while blindfolded! A much better approach is to consider first whatever information you can gather regarding your audience, and to use that information to guide you in both your selection of  material and the manner in which you present that information.

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