Posted by: George E Burney | September 28, 2012

Public Speaking – See Yourself Succeeding!

Imagine yourself standing at a lectern and calmly glancing out at an audience of 5000 persons. As you briefly survey the crowd, you take several deep breaths, and begin to speak.

As you do, you sense that this is going to turn out very well! At this moment, you haven’t a care in the world, since you have complete confidence in your presentation and in your ability to deliver it.

As you move from your introduction into your first main point, you begin to see confirmation of your earlier assessment. Members of the audience are smiling and nodding their heads, signaling their complete agreement with the ideas you’re expressing. You’re now certain that this presentation will be a rousing success!

What Does It Take?

A dream? No, this can be your reality, even if at present you cannot bear the thought of speaking up in a group setting. What does it take to get from here to there? A firm determination to do it, skillful direction, and practice.

Skillful direction would include being instructed, in person or in print, by someone who thoroughly understands the principles of public speaking.

Personal assistance is preferable, since your practice presentations, as well as those given to an audience, could be critiqued privately, speeding up your advancement. (It’s foolhardy to attempt to evaluate a speech yourself, while giving it. That’s a good way to ruin what might otherwise have been a good speech.)

Of course, even a friend who is not himself a public speaker can offer helpful advice, after listening to you speak. If he feels free to offer you his honest observations, they can be immensely beneficial to you. His assistance would be most helpful if you’re learning from a written guide.

See It Multiple Times

Using your power of visualization will also speed up your progress. Vividly imagined speaking experiences are the “next best thing to being there.” Here’s what I mean: Since a presentation given only once can be given over and over again in your mind, perhaps using different settings, the effect on you would be similar to your having actually given it multiple times.

These are just a few suggestions which, if employed, can reduce the time needed to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Copyrighted © 2012 by George Burney and betterpublicspeaking


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