Posted by: George E Burney | March 21, 2013

Make Listening To You A Pleasant Experience

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Typically, people are bored. They live lives of suffocating sameness and deadening dullness. Is it surprising that they crave the excitement of something new, something fresh and different?

Take a Novel Approach

Regardless of your subject matter, the information you share can be presented in an interesting and lively manner. In your introduction, try to present a novel idea, one that will arrest the attention of your audience and cause them to sit up and take notice.

Even if the idea itself is not entirely new, show it from a different angle. Express it using terms which are startlingly different. That’s not difficult. A few moments spent mulling over most subjects will yield observations that show some depth and delightfully surprise others. They’ll admit they “just never looked at it that way.”

Why didn’t they? Conditioned to believe that experts have all the answers, many people drift through life, using their minds just enough to get by. Few think deeply about anything, so they miss much. When seeking answers, rather than reasoning matters out for themselves, they want to know what others have to say about the matter. They actually let others do their thinking for them.

If the idea you present early on is more interesting than whatever they are thinking at that moment, you’ll get their attention. Now, you simply have to keep it. Use a commonsense approach to lining up your points, with each leading directly to the one which logically follows it. Use uncommon ways of stating those points.

Use Variety to Keep It Fresh

As you speak, vary your rate of speaking, your volume, and the pitch of your voice. Use rhetorical questions. Pause briefly after each, to encourage your audience to think about their response. Answer your own question, and move on.

Use vivid, colorful illustrations and metaphors to stir feelings and further engage their thought processes. Some of your ideas may be stated first and then illustrated. Others may be introduced by an illustration. This keeps your talk fresh and spontaneous.

Since your expressions are vigorous and unpredictable, and your points are reasonable and logical, your lecture will be a pleasure to listen to!


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